Scholarship Clubs

Scholarship Club Students Receive:

  • Group & Individual Narrative Coaching

  • Writing workshops for Personal Statements, Student Resumes & Scholarship Essays

  • Targeted and customized scholarship matching

  • Editing and submission support for each essay

  • The opportunity to become published authors!

Read Student Essays

The Personal Statement

One of the most difficult essays we could ever ask a student to write is the one about themselves.  Help your students navigate this very important document with creativity and confidence. No formulas given here. Each participant will learn how to infuse the best of their personal story, while painting a vision of success, that any college admission professional will enjoy reading.

Justin“Before Ms. Rowe came to help me with my essays they were very poor, lacking a clear and concise “headline”. I had many troubles figuring out how to structure my essays and make sure they were acceptable for a scholarship essay.

However, after Ms. Rowe came she made me realize that all of my essays had to tell a story in order to make it interesting for anyone that read it. I would recommend Ms. Rowe to any and every school because she really inspired me to turn my boring essays into compelling essays that stood out among 52,000 applicants.

Having Ms. Rowe as my coach made me feel relaxed and concentrated through her guidance and wisdom. Overall, she helped me to realize my abilities to write an award-winning essay. She has also shaped me into a much better writer and I will always remember her for that. Without Ms. Rowe’s help I don’t think that I would have won the Gates Millennium Scholarship and be that much closer to achieving my dreams. The best part about working with Ms. Rowe was that she cared about me and did whatever she could to make sure I had the most competitive essays.” – Justin P. Gates Millennium Scholarship Winner

Scholarship Essay Writing

Getting accepted is only half the battle. Arm your students with key tools and techniques to personalize any scholarship prompt for the winning advantage. They’ll learn our signature “Headline Story” method and engage in on-the-spot coaching exercises to help them craft powerful essays that scholarship panels will remember long after the decision is made.

Our Impact

Our Partners Report:

  • Stronger Student Writing Skills
  • Increased Confidence in the College Admission & Scholarship Process
  • Students Applying to and being Admitting to more Colleges than anticipated
  • Students winning 5x more Scholarship Money than their peers
Only have an hour or two to give your students a competitive boost?

Our workshops are designed for small or large group facilitation. Students spend 1.5 – 2 hours engaged in activities created to increase their confidence in writing personal narratives. Our workshops help young people:

-Identify their empowering stories
-Understand how to stand out on paper
-Capture their reader’s attention through story telling

Do you have multiple days to devote to college and scholarship prep?

Our clinics are custom designed to get your students the maximum impact. Over a course of 2-4 sessions, we work with small groups of students, leading them through activities to make their writing clear, concise, and compelling. This hands-on approach ensures that participants will leave with:

-Stronger writing skills
-A polished piece of writing
-Tools and techniques they can apply in the future

In addition, we provide participants with online feedback and editing of their work between clinic sessions.

Interested in Sponsoring a Scholarship Club?

We know that applying to colleges and for scholarships is time consuming and very stressful. Pair that with the demands of senior year and the anxiety of getting accepted into a “good” school and a counselor’s job is a nightmare. With a ratio of 1 counselor-to-125 students, in Philadelphia, we had to help.

That’s why we hold Scholarship Clubs in Philly’s schools. These weekly meetings take committed students through a series of college coaching, essay writing and scholarship matching & submission support. Our goal is to run a Scholarship Club in every Philadelphia public high school.

Kamri“When I first began writing for the Gates Millennium Scholarship, my essays were lifeless and only gave facts. Ms. Rowe helped me to pore emotion in my writing and to captivate the reader. Now I am not just telling a story, the reader is living my experiences and sharing my thoughts.

I have always been a talented writer. In the past my work has won first place in essay contests and I always received an A on my research papers. Despite how talented I thought I was, Ms. Rowe made me a better writer. Having Ms. Rowe coach my writing was an amazing experience. She pushed me to be creative with my work and always made herself available to help me. The best part about working with Ms. Rowe is . . . Having someone who cares push me to produce some of my best work.” – Kamri S. Gates Millennium Scholarship Winner

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Client Feedback

Capture Greatness workshops help develop student confidence and ability to write about themselves strategically for college admission and scholarship essays. They give students the tools and work with them to follow through on their essay applications.
Students were able to dig deeper because of the passion and commitment that Melissa demonstrates. She challenges students to share those stories that are compelling and engaging for the scholarship reviewers.
The workshops offered by Capture Greatness has allowed us the opportunity to offer educational enrichment that will aid in the professional development of our students. In addition to the traditional mentoring sessions offered by the ACE program, we were able to expose our students to essential soft skills that are necessary for educational and professional success.
Tiffany Millner, ACE Mentor Program
Capture Greatness has truly exceeded all of my expectations. It has provided opportunities for students who, at times, see no way of reaching their goals and dreams.
Alexis S. Greaves, Principal, Science & Discovery High School