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Here’s what you’ll learn in Scholars Get Dollars!

Which Students Scholarship Panels Love to Fund

You will know exactly what to do and where to start to get your child on the path to a scholarship filled future.

Where to Find the Best Scholarships for Your Child

You will learn the secrets to what makes a student standout to scholarship panels, turning them into
scholarship magnets.

How to Write Scholarship Essays that Bring in the Most Dollars

You will better understand how to help your child write powerful essays that win scholarships and how their own stories are the key to their success.

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Learn the Techniques That Win Our Students 5 -10x the Amount of Scholarships Than Their Peers

Average Student Leaves College with over:

Customers served! $ 25000 In Student Loan Debt

Our Students Leave College with under:

Customers served! $ 25000 In Student Loan Debt

Our Students Have Won Scholarships From:

  • The Gates Millenium Scholarship

  • Dell Scholarship

  • Horatio Alger Scholarship

  • Drexel Liberties

  • Ronald McDonald

  • Burger King

  • Comcast Leaders & Achievers

  • Coca Cola

  • And many more multi-year scholarships valued at $20,000 and above

Learn the Exact Steps that Won These Students THOUSANDS of Dollars in Scholarship Awards

You want the best for your child and that includes a college education. But the cost of college has you worried. You don’t want to go broke paying for college or burden your child with student debt for the rest of their life.



Yale University, Class of 2021

Rayshawn identified his Scholars Get Dollars scholarship strategy and was admitted to all eight of his top choice schools with generous scholarship offers.


University of Penn, Class of 2024

Aleena applied the lessons taught in Scholars Get Dollars to gain admission into top universities and honors colleges, and earned over $250,000 in scholarships..


Cornell University, Class of 2019

Kamri used the Scholars Get Dollars scholarship writing techniques to win the Gates Millennium Scholarship which paid her undergraduate costs and will continue to pay for her education through graduate school.

Our Students Have Been Admitted to Colleges and Universities, such as:

.....and many others

Scholars Get Dollars 

Melissa A. Rowe, M.Ed.

"I wrote this book to ensure that your child never runs out of money for college. 

I’ve helped hundreds of students get to college for free with these scholarship strategies.

 In fact, most of my students go off to college with surplus scholarship money that they cash-in to put money in their pockets while they are in college!

About the Author

Melissa A. Rowe, M.Ed. is founder of Capture Greatness! Scholarship & College Coaching. Her methods have helped Capture Greatness’s students secure over $10 Million in Scholarships. From the coveted Gates Millennium Scholarship to full-rides at the top universities in the country, Melissa helps families realize their college dreams.

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"Chop College Costs"-The Smart Parent's Guide to Save Thousands on Their Child's College Education