What We Do

We teach students how to write powerful essays to win scholarships for college. 

Capture Greatness students leave high school as stronger writers and packaged with gap funding & a portfolio of polished essays that they continue to use to earn scholarships, as a college student.

We help students secure institutional and gap scholarships so that our students go to and get through college. 

     The Essay Writing Workshops Brings the best out of students!     

Due to Capture Greatness, I was able to have two of my students win the Gates Millennium Scholarship, as well as, have others go on to win other national scholarship awards.

Alexis S. Greaves, High School Principal

About us

Capture Greatness! Scholarship & College Coaching is committed to creating more competitive college candidates, so that a family’s income does not limit a student’s educational outcome.

We are a fiscally sponsored 501 c 3 nonprofit organization, through Urban Affairs Coalition, located in Philadelphia, PA.

The Break Down

On average, high school seniors who participate in a Capture Greatness Scholarship Club earn over $20,000 annually in institutional scholarships and secure $5,000+ in external scholarships.

Our students are graduating high school with college funding gaps of $1,000 or less. Many Capture Greatness students secure enough scholarship money to fund their transportation, technology and housing costs, too.

Capture Greatness students are eliminating over $10,000+ in student loan principal and interest payments, per student and our families are avoiding Parent Plus and Private Student Loans. 

Did you Know . . .

If a student wins just one $1,000 scholarship it saves them over 125 hours of work to earn the same amount?

That's 125 hours they use to study, complete college assignments & participate in their campus community.

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Our Founder

Melissa A. Rowe, M.Ed. is a writer and educator, who believes in the power of young minds and educational equity. She has held positions in schools, colleges, and college access programs.

Melissa has led workshops nationally and abroad, served as director of Temple Writing Academy, and penned the "College Connect Blog" for The Philadelphia Public School Notebook.

In 2014, Melissa was recognized by WHYY as an American Graduate Champion for her work with Capture Greatness. In 2021, Melissa wrote and published Scholars Get Dollars to help parents save thousands of dollars on their children’s college education.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Communications and African American Studies and a Master’s Degree in Urban Education from Temple University.

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