Did you know that the average cost of a bachelor’s degree has risen to almost $100,000? Students attending public universities can expect to pay about $25,000 a year for a degree. Guess what’s not increasing – the amount of free aid that the federal and state governments are providing to help with the cost of higher education.

Now, more than ever, winning college scholarships are vital for students and families. At Capture Greatness, we coach students to fund their futures and have helped students earn over $1,000,000 in scholarships, in just two years.

We thought you might like to learn our secrets to helping students win college scholarships.

Start Early

Let’s face it, most students start to apply for scholarships after they have been accepted to college. This puts them at a huge disadvantage for a number of reasons:

1) They have less time to find scholarships between when their acceptance arrives  and when their first tuition payment is due.

2) They’ve missed out on a ton of scholarship opportunities because the deadlines have already passed.

3) Senior year of high school is stressful and hectic, leaving little time for the scholarship search and application process.

Write and Reuse

A lot of students are intimidated by the bulk of essays they fear they will have to write in order to earn scholarships. It is true, most competitive scholarships will require an essay, but here are some tricks we teach Capture Greatness students:

1) Write a personal statement that includes your life and career goals. These essays can often double as scholarship application essays.

2) Understand your unique scholarship profile and identify your best stories to illustrate your experiences and personal qualities.

3) Sort scholarships by essay requirements, first, and deadlines second. This helps students see how many essays they  will really need to write or how many they can reuse.

Create a Scholarship System

Like anything else worth having, winning scholarships will take work and time. But the payoff is the sweetest reward. So how are the most successful scholarship winners raking in the big bucks? They created a system:

1) Plug scholarship deadlines into an electronic calendar that sends alerts and reminders as the date approaches.

2) Sort scholarships from “most-likely to win” to “this is a stretch but I’ll try anyway.”

3) Have a ready to go portfolio that includes additional materials that accompany the scholarship application. These might include: letters of recommendation, a student resume, or proof of household income forms.


Do you have a child who is entering their senior year of high school? Enroll them in our Scholarship Prep Academy. We will teach them all of these secrets and more.

Students will leave with:

-A polished scholarship essay

-Their unique scholarship profile

-Continued writing support & Scholarship notifications throughout their senior year of high school.

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